Waterproofing Specialists Sydney

I Waterproof & Repair is a leading company for waterproofing services in Sydney. We provide comprehensive services such as waterproofing, concrete repair, repairs of leaking balconies and roofs as well as any other remedial repairs. Our team of Waterproofing Specialists in Sydney have the experience and the expertise to handle jobs of all complexities and scales for residential and commercial customers across Sydney.

Customized Approach

We can help you with your new construction projects as well as with waterproofing for any existing structure, and can provide the best outcome at the most reasonable pricing. We are a 100% Australian-owned & operated company that prides itself with being one of the best in the business. We have built this reputation in Sydney on the basis of consistent services, use of the best materials and the latest technology to provide customized solutions to all our customers.

Variety of Services

Our Waterproofing Specialists have vast knowledge and experience in the field and can tackle the most complex jobs with the highest levels of efficiency and expertise. We focus on completing every job within the stipulated time-frame with the least disruption to your daily activities. We provide services such as:

  • Detection & Treatment of Rising Damp– Damp-proof course injection & installation rendering
  • Waterproofing– We use a variety of liquid membranes for waterproofing balconies, roof tops, water tanks, bathrooms, retaining walls and ponds
  • Epoxy Grouting Showers– We can also seal showers with highly-specialized epoxy grouting, without taking out any tiles
  • Chaulking of all Materials– We chaulk windows, concrete slabs, joints & cement

If you have a waterproofing requirement, the only Waterproofing Specialists in Sydney you need to contact are I Waterproof & Repair on 0450 759 581 or via this quick contact online form.